the House of Senoshi

400 Years of Tradition

Ikkanbari from the House of Senoshi are implements used in daily life created by layers of Japanese Washi paper and coated in lacquer or Kakishibu, a preservative stain made from the fermented juice of the persimmon, or Kaki in Japanese.

The craft has been passed down over 15 generations in the district of Kyoto.


About Ikkanbari

The layering of Japanese Washi paper affords a lightness of weight and strength that belies expectations. The lacquer and Kakishibu stain applied at the end make the finish products waterproof, insect resistant, and preservative properties, for which they have long been cherished as practical implements for use in daily life.



AtelierYume Hitori

  • Traditional Ikkanbari from the House of Hirai Ikkan Senoshi

    Address: Ukyo-ku, Kyoto  Detail
    Closed: irregularly (please contact us for operating days) Zuiho Onoe, 14th generation proprietor